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Parkway Vista Dental Blog

The Art of Color-Matching Dental Crowns

January 25, 2024

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Close up of gloved hands holding dental shade guideA dental crown doesn’t have to stand out like a sore thumb anymore. All-ceramic materials are the go-to solutions for crowns. This allows your restoration to match the exact color of your real teeth to blend in seamlessly. However, this isn’t a simple process. There’s an art to color-matching crowns, but your dentist will use the latest techniques to ensure flawless results, and here’s how.


My Dental Bridge Is Falling Down, My Fair Lady; What Should I Do Now?

December 20, 2023

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Lady looks shocked

Dental bridges have allowed many people to enjoy the benefits of a full smile after tooth loss, but while they are made from durable materials, they are not invincible. A dental bridge can break or fall out for a variety of reasons, and it’s crucial to see your dentist for repairs as soon as possible when this happens. Here’s what you should do after losing a dental bridge so you can get the help you need and stay comfortable while avoiding further injury until your appointment.


Why Is That Annoying Black Line Forming Around My Dental Crown?

December 13, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — parkwayvistadental @ 12:05 am
Lady thinks something over

Dental crowns have been used for centuries to protect compromised teeth while restoring them to their original size and function. Technology has improved massively over the years, and today’s dental crowns are incredibly lifelike and beautiful. However, some older types of crowns can become conspicuous in the smile as they age. Here’s why a black line might be forming around the base of your dental crown and what you can do about it.


Dental Dread: 3 Ways Aging Impacts Your Smile

November 7, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — parkwayvistadental @ 5:17 pm
Older woman with white hair in dental chair smiling at dentist

It can be difficult to accept, but our bodies go through many changes as we age, and our teeth are no exception. Whether your grin looks dark and dingy, out of shape, or somewhat crooked, dental problems can leave you looking older than you feel. Fortunately, your dentist can set the clock back by enhancing your appearance with cosmetic dentistry. Keep reading to learn more about 3 of the ways your smile transforms with age, and how your dentist can help.


Cosmetic Dentistry Has Been Around Since Ancient Times; How Far Has It Come?

September 13, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — parkwayvistadental @ 10:23 pm
Woman has curious expression

Ever since people have figured out how to recognize their own reflections, they have been concerned about their appearance. People have used some form of cosmetic dentistry to whiten, straighten, and fill out their smiles for thousands of years, and you’ll be happy to know that modern technology allows dentists to make teeth prettier in far more clean, comfortable, and effective manners. Read on to learn about ancient cosmetic dental techniques and why you should be glad we no longer use them.


Why Should I Go to a Dentist About My TMJ Disorder?

August 11, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — parkwayvistadental @ 8:42 pm
Lady has jaw pain

Since teeth are made for chewing and cannot do so without a strong and healthy jaw, your dentist is quite concerned with taking care of your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Located on either side of the skull, these joints are the connection points that allow the jaw to move, and it comes with its share of health concerns. Here’s what your dentist can do about TMJ disorders.


How Botox Can Finally Put a Stop to Your TMJ Pain

July 11, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — parkwayvistadental @ 2:25 pm
Botox being injected into woman’s jaw

Chances are that you have heard of Botox, but only in the context of people using it to reduce the appearance of fine lines and facial wrinkles. While it is certainly effective, that’s not all it’s good for! Botox has actually been a go-to pain reliever used by healthcare professionals for decades, and one of the most common problems it can help resolve is TMJ dysfunction. If you’re constantly dealing with headaches/migraines, a sore jaw, or teeth grinding, Botox may be just what you need to find relief.


Can Invisalign Fix TMJ Disorder?

June 29, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — parkwayvistadental @ 7:29 am
A young dentist holding an Invisalign tray in front of a patient

You may consider Invisalign a purely cosmetic treatment. After all, most focus on how it straightens your smile. However, clear aligners also have a physical perk. More specifically, Invisalign can help with TMJ disorder by aligning your bite. You’d then feel less pain and experience a better quality of life. To prove these claims, your Plano dentist is here with the evidence. Here’s a summary of TMJ disorder, how Invisalign helps it, and the other benefits of clear aligners.


Smile Goals: Cosmetic Dentist vs. General Dentist

May 6, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — parkwayvistadental @ 8:56 am
a patient receiving cosmetic dental treatments from her dentist

Are you considering enhancing your pearly whites? Improving your smile is beneficial for many reasons, including increasing your self-confidence. While cosmetic dental treatments are worth the cost, you want to make sure you receive the best care possible. Since cosmetic dentistry is not technically a specialized field, there are not certain dentists who are just cosmetic dentists. Therefore, you want to be sure to pick the right dental professional for your upgraded grin. Read on to learn more about the differences between general and cosmetic dentistry and how to choose the right dentist for your smile goals.


Does Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Actually Work?

April 6, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — parkwayvistadental @ 4:44 pm
teeth whitening tray lying on a table

When people talk about things that make them unhappy about their smile, the color of their teeth tends to be at the very top of the list. That’s why teeth whitening is such a popular cosmetic treatment—your dentist can offer you a brighter smile within just an hour or two!

The popularity of professional whitening has led to the rise of over-the-counter whitening products that can be done at home. However, some patients are rightfully concerned about whether these whitening kits are any good. If you’re curious, here’s what you should know.

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