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Are Root Canals Painful?

February 7, 2024

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Worried about root canal pain? Let’s clear up misconceptions and uncover the truth about this dental procedure. Root canal therapy targets infected or damaged tooth pulp, relieving pain and stopping infection spread. Despite myths, root canals are often painless. Continue reading to discover more about the reality of root canal treatment as well as what you can expect regarding discomfort.

5 Signs That You Might Need a Root Canal

Beyond tooth pain, dentists watch for other signs indicating the need for root canal therapy. Additional factors they consider include:

  • Persistent bad breath or an unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Presence of a bump on the gums near the affected tooth
  • Swelling, tenderness, or redness in the gums
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold foods or drinks
  • Discoloration or darkening of the tooth
  • Pain while chewing or biting down
  • Intense or severe tooth pain
  • Cracks or chips in the tooth
  • Advanced tooth decay
  • Shifting or loose teeth

Does Root Canal Therapy Hurt?

In the past, root canal therapy was often dreaded due to concerns about pain. However, advancements in anesthesia and dental technology have made the procedure much less daunting. Your dentist will numb the area with local anesthetic before starting, ensuring you feel no pain during the treatment.

In some cases, sedation may be available to help you relax further. While you might experience mild discomfort or sensitivity afterward, it can usually be managed with over-the-counter or prescribed pain relievers.

Not only does this procedure ensure a painless experience during treatment, but it also relieves the pain caused by the tooth infection. By removing the infected or damaged pulp, which houses the nerves responsible for pain signals, the source of discomfort is eradicated. Consequently, patients usually enjoy much-improved comfort following the treatment.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Treatment

Although root canal therapy is typically not associated with pain, some individuals may still have reservations about undergoing the procedure. However, opting out of a root canal could result in more serious oral health issues later on.

If the infection is left untreated, it can spread to other parts of the mouth, causing increased pain and further complications. Addressing dental problems promptly is crucial to prevent more extensive issues in the future.

Ultimately, neglecting treatment for an infected tooth may result in the need for extraction, a more invasive and expensive procedure. Root canal therapy, on the other hand, is a safe and efficient method for addressing tooth infections. Opting for a root canal is often the preferred choice to maintain oral health and prevent future complications.

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