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7 Types of Tooth Pain That You Absolutely Shouldn’t Ignore

April 2, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — parkwayvistadental @ 12:20 pm
woman experiencing tooth pain

Pain is one of the body’s ways of alerting you that there is a problem. When it comes to tooth pain, it is often the result of an infection. However, the discomfort can appear in different forms. Continue reading to learn about 7 ways that pain can be expressed and discover why it’s important to seek emergency dental care.

#1 – Sharp Pain

Usually the first indicator that a dental issue exists, sharp pain or increasingly severe discomfort should never be ignored. From a less complex perspective, the pain could be a sign of a cavity. However, if the pain is more intense, it could be caused by a dangerous abscess.

#2 – Sensitivity

A sensitive and achy tooth can also be a sign of a developing issue. In some cases, it can stem from clenching or grinding your teeth at night (called bruxism). However, if you’re experiencing sensitivity to sugar or extreme temperatures, it could be an indicator of a cavity.

#3 – Discoloration

Tooth pain accompanied with color changes (yellow, brown or grey teeth) can indicate that the pulp inside your tooth is dead. This can be especially dangerous, as the tooth can emit pus that can travel to other parts of your body.

#4 – Swollen Glands

Untreated tooth pain can eventually cause swelling around the jawline and neck. This can result from the infection spreading to the glands located in these areas. Any signs of swelling should be taken seriously, as the infection can affect the vital organs of the body and potentially be life-threatening.

#5 – Loose Teeth

If you’re noticing loose teeth along with any tooth pain, it could be a warning sign of gum disease, which is the inflammation and infection of the soft tissue. You could be in the more advanced stages of the condition, which means it’s even more important to pay a dentist a visit.

#6 – Bleeding, Swollen Gums

Gum tenderness, swelling and bleeding are some of the usual warning signs of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. While stepping up your dental hygiene efforts can possibly be the solution, it’s best to visit a dentist to be examined to make sure there are no other issues that need to be treated.

#7 – Bad Breath or Bad Taste

It’s one thing to have morning breath, but if it persists, it can be an indicator of a problem. Additionally, an ongoing bad taste in your mouth can be a sign of an abscessed tooth. That’s because an infected tooth can eventually release toxins that result in a foul smell and taste.

Why Emergency Dental Care is So Important

One of the main reasons for seeking emergency dental care is to stop an already complicated situation from becoming worse. By taking swift action, you’re able to avoid more intense pain, save money and time, and protect your oral and overall health. If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, seek help today!

About the Author

Dr. Bita Kamali earned her dental degree from the Baylor College of Dentistry. Because of her passion to remain at the forefront of dentistry, she takes several hours of continuing education to stay abreast of the latest treatment methods and breakthroughs. Dr. Kamali provides comprehensive emergency dental care at Parkway Vista Dental, and she can be reached for more information or to schedule a visit through her website.