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Why Your Emergency Dentist in Plano Says to Keep Milk on Hand

June 5, 2018

Filed under: Uncategorized — parkwayvistadental @ 7:14 pm

A glass of milk.Let’s say you’re enjoying a bike ride with friends, but it’s been awhile since you’ve been on a bike. As a result, you’re balance isn’t as good as it used to be, but you still manage to keep up with the group. Of course, it only takes one tricky turn for you to fall off head first, landing on your face. Next thing you know your mouth is bleeding and your tooth is on the ground.

One of the best ways to keep your tooth preserved before seeing your emergency dentist in Plano is by placing it in milk. Here’s why.

What Happens the Moment Your Tooth is Knocked Out

Let’s take a moment to discuss the anatomy of your tooth. It consists of a crown, root, and pulp. The crown is the visible portion in your smile, while the root is the area that extends beneath the gum line and effectively holds your tooth in place. The inner pulp contains the nerve, blood vessels, and supporting tissue. These parts are all necessary for blood flow and keeping your tooth functioning through daily use.

When teeth are knocked out, also known as avulsed, the nerves, blood vessels, and supporting tissues become damaged, typically requiring the need for a root canal later. However, that doesn’t mean your tooth can’t be saved. Since the bone can still attach to your tooth’s root, the tooth itself can be salvaged as a result.

Why Does Your Dentist Recommend Milk?

Milk contains enzymes and proteins that allow the tooth to heal and grow more effectively, making it a great choice for preservation. It also keeps enzymes and cells still on the tooth alive, increasing the chances of successful reimplantation. Furthermore, milk keeps the tooth moist. The worst thing you can do to a tooth is allow it to dry out.

With that being said, your dentist recommends milk from cows rather than soy or other dairy-free alternatives. This is because there’s no guarantee these alternatives will have the enzymes needed to keep your tooth preserved.

In the Event Your Tooth is Knocked Out

The moment your tooth is knocked-out, locate it as quickly as possible and make sure to only pick it up by the crown. Rinse it off gently with warm water, but avoid scrubbing so you don’t accidentally remove valuable cells still attached. The best way to keep your tooth preserved is by placing it back into the socket.

In the event the tooth won’t stay in or you’re too uncomfortable doing this, transfer the tooth to a container of warm milk. To reduce facial swelling, apply a cold compress to your cheek. If bleeding is present, use a rag to apply consistent pressure until you visit your emergency dentist in Plano.

Knocked-out teeth can be saved if you get to your dentist right away. Just make sure to schedule an appointment for the same day beforehand!

About the Author

Visiting the dentist can be stressful, especially during a dental emergency. However, when you visit Dr. Bita Kamali, you’ll be greeted with a calm and collected professional with the expertise to treat your dental emergency when you arrive. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, contact her through her website today!